Concept of design authenticity by Dorian Pauwels
15 June, 2023 by
Concept of design authenticity by Dorian Pauwels
Shubhangi Mathur

According to him - ''There is a continuum in the design process starting from the idea or concept, then comes the creation of a prototype, which is a unique piece, ending with a industrially manufactured product. While the original, the prototype, or the first finished piece belongs to the world of art, the industrial product belongs to the world of design.

ikonhouse's showroom is surrounded by art galleries and we often talk about the possible difference between an artist and a designer. There is a common ground in the intention behind the creation being its purpose. However, while the world of art keeps the quantities at a unique level or extremely limited, often numbered, the world of design usually leads to unlimited quantities.

When it comes to design authenticity or originality, I define as original a product that is manufactured following the intentions of the creator, being an artist or designer. There is an intention in the concept in using specific materials, achieving a specific function, following a specific ergonomic shape or dimensions. The product, manufactured today, that follows that initial intention is an authentic piece.

There are laws that a give a framework for trademarks, licenses, patents etc. These documents, held by only one person or company, grant an exclusive right for several years like 5, 10 or 20 years. Products manufactured within the restrictions of these documents are authentic products''

Concept of design authenticity by Dorian Pauwels
Shubhangi Mathur 15 June, 2023
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