70/70 Dining Table 225x90 cm - Laminate Sand - Black

  • Base
  • Variant Custom
  • Tabletop

14,432.25 AED 14432.25 AED 14,432.25 AED

13,745.00 AED

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Base: Black
Variant Custom: Laminate / Sand
Tabletop: Laminate

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The 70/70 Table is designed with a simple expression, paired with subtle, understated details the reveal themselves upon closer inspection. Adding character to the design, the details of the 70/70 Table include the triangular shape of its base for a modern expression and the slanted edges of the table top.

Dimensions LxDxH: 225 x 90 x 73 cm.

Manufacturer Muuto

Designer TAF Studio

Year 2013