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Original Design Matters

When creating a new product, designers have clear intentions, aim to deliver against a design objective and select materials carefully considering performance, durability and sustainability.

At ikonhouse, we abide by the principle that Form Follows Function where the shape of an object derives from the function it fulfils.

We exclusively represent brands that care about the environment, the people producing and the humans ultimately using these pieces of furniture and lighting.

Light for Living

We consider light as the 'fourth dimension' of architecture. Good architecture can be made even better by placing it in the right light. Setting the right light ambience for the right situation is an integral part of the ultimate living.

Light and warmth are retreating into our lounge rooms, where we enjoy each other's company, food preparation, good books and much more. Light interprets spaces and helps us perceive and experience them.

Let us inspire you with lights for your living.

Odoo • Text and Image
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Dandy Collection

With Dandy, Chris Martin(Head of Design, Massproductions) wanted to encourage playfulness in how we furnish rooms, homes and public spaces. The curvacious form when placed in an open space, it creates a new movement patterns in the room.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Bentwood Chairs

The starting point was a new technique- the bending of solid wood - that Micheal Thonet perfected during the 1850s, enabling mass production. Added were new and simple aesthetics and a low price, which represented a revolution in interior design: suddenly homes, restaurants and cafes looked entirely different; lighter and less massive.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

New size. New Material. Same Icon

As a tribute to Panthella and its fiftieth anniversary, Louis Poulsen introduced a new medium-sized Panthella Table lamp. The Panthella Mini and Panthella Table 320 lamp now in a new distinctive brass metallised finish..