We care for our customers and their experience with ikonhouse. Statement.

We care about showcasing a variety of styles, shapes, models in our seven hundred square meter showroom in Alserkal Avenue.
We exclusively promote original furniture manufacturers. Many have been in the business for more than one hundred years, perfecting their skills over time and making their techniques evolve with new manufacturing technologies and new materials. Come check it out!

We care about the materials our furniture is made of.
The quality of wood and leather depend not only on their life while growing, but also on their preparation before being used. Our brands strictly select leathers from animals that lived a quality life. Our brands carefully select woods from trees that enjoyed a quality life, growing at a natural slow pace with the right amount of sunlight.

We care about craftsmanship where experienced hands will go the extra mile.
Choosing parts that match and giving that extra touch for a marginally smoother finish that will give you the best seating performance and enhance your overall experience. True craftsmen will choose eco-friendly materials, work with a mission of infinite durability to avoid these pieces to end in a waste dump.

Last but not the least, we care about your purchasing experience with ikonhouse.
We run our company on the latest software managing every step, selecting finishes, invoicing, ordering, shipping, and delivering at your premises. Products are prepared at our service centre before dispatch. All teams are in-house, knowledgeable and care to provide you with the best service possible.

We are here to assist you in any questions or inquiries you may have to products, finishes, purchase and more.

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