ikonhouse at Styled Habitat in D3

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The interior architectural studio Styled Habitat opened its pristine new studio in Dubai Design District early 2020. The studio is designed by its founder Mrs Rabah Saeid as an inviting, personal and contemplative environment. The result is right down the middle between a private home and an office, looking like a historic airy loft and working as a place where you can be inspired. 

The ikonhouse team was involved from the start in this project. First understanding the requirements for every function of the studio to be created, then sharing initial thoughts about furniture lay-out, placement of audio-visual equipment and living experiences in terms of controls with mood scenes triggered from smart switches, touchpanel, mobile device, time based or driven by the sun’s position. 

Based on Rabah’s core design principle that “Good design has to be functional and meet real needs”, she created a rare experiential environment, defining how clients feel from the moment they arrive. The studio opens on a large central space divided into a lounge and a meeting (dining) area with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Downtown and Burj Khalifa. Plastered arches separate the closed individual offices on one side, while a tall materials library conceals the collaborative team room on the other side. 

Another guiding principle is “Emotional, intuitive design dictates the process of selecting materials, finishes and fabrics, bringing ‘timeless elegance and refined vision’ to projects.” Honest natural materials, textures and objects have been carefully curated: solid oak, pitted travertine, grand mohair, textured linen, natural leather, etc. All elements melt together giving the studio a sense of character and history, and more importantly, an approachable and welcoming feeling. 

Ikonhouse believes in the same principles and works together with Styled Habitat to feature deserving designer furniture, lighting and intuitive smart controls in their studio. Refined furniture such as a pair of elegant Fredericia Swoon lounge chairs by Space Copenhagen in grand mohair fabric is placed along Gubi Epic travertine coffee tables. The straight lines of the Fredericia Mesa meeting table in black linoleum contrast with the curvy black Carl Hansen Elbow chairs by Hans Wegner. The Vitra Joyn team worktable in warm oak is surrounded with ergonomic Flokk Hag Sofi black task chairs. 

Besides, ikonhouse commissioned a fully integrated Crestron system controlling curtains, background music, TV screen, downlights and table lights. The studio is entirely automated to create different atmospheres for intended purposes such as daytime, presentation or nighttime scenes. The Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation module enables people to share content from their personal devices without connecting any cables. Further individual controls allow creating different ambiences within the same space for personalized setups. All elements are integrated to orchestrate a seamless welcoming environment that works for and around the studio functions.

Everyone can find an element that will make one’s heart sing in this special space. As concluding thought from Rabah “I find that allowing the design to unfold piece by piece, material by material, scene by scene is when the magic of design can take you by surprise. This unfolding is what stimulates comfort and excitement in design.” 

Ikonhouse has all the talent in house to work hand-in-hand with all parties to design, install and commission end-to-end solutions for projects. Starting with understanding the expectations of the client, the strategic choices from the interior designer and the architect, and the practical side of cabling with the MEP contractor for a smooth execution process. 

We would be happy to take you on a tour of Styled Habitat’s studio in D3 as a showcase. 


Studio Tour : Styled Habitat

The interior architectural studio Styled Habitat is located in Dubai design District. Designed and founded by Mrs. Rabah Saeid, making it a perfect space to work.

Take a tour and get inspired! 


ikonhouse at Styled Habitat

Dorian W. Pauwels (CEO, ikonhouse) introduces the concept, ideas and technology behind Automation system while demonstrating some concepts at the studio of Styled Habitat in D3.

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